"A painter is someone who wipes the window between the world and us with light, with a cloth of light soaked with silence."
Christian Bobin (L'inespérée) 

First of all, I'd like to welcome you on my website. This page will allow you to know more about me. 
As far as I remember, I have always had a passion for all the forms of visual arts, and about the age of 11 my parents had the very good idea to enroll me at the school of fine arts of Valenciennes where, every Thursday afternoon, I attended classes provided by talented teachers. There, over several years, I practiced various techniques and modes of expression: pencil, acrylic resin, pastels, watercolour, oil paintings...  
Since that time, I never stopped practicing. I started with still lifes and landscapes then I tried my hand at the reproduction of Masters' works of art and it is there, by looking for models, that I discovered Caravaggio and George de la Tour. It was really a shock ! This light flooding the paintings, sometimes warm and sensual, sometimes dramatic and worrying. Then I realized that the "secret" of painting was there: the light. But how to manage capturing it on a canvas ? How, by capturing it, to express a feeling, an emotion ? This warmth caressing the faces and the bodies fascinated me and the light, it is also in the shadows ! What was not said and hidden in these shadows ?  
There was, for the young man I was, something which partook of magic, of strangeness. To have a canvas, brushes and some tubes of color and to make the light shine forth ! From then on, that became an obsession. It was necessary that I try this adventure and the chiaroscuro would be my field. Thus it was, not without feeling anxious, that I began my first canvas. To imagine, to create mentally this painting, and to have the first brushstrokes come to your mind as a sportsman who imagines his trajectory; then to mix the first colors, to put down the first strokes. Without stopping to move away from the canvas, to come back and again to move away, to see if finally this light is there ... here is my pleasure, my passion, which I will want, here, to share with you.  
I often say that to paint is to expose oneself to the gaze of the other, but you only see the part bathed by the light and it will be necessary for you to look in the shadows for this other part of me which is not visible. The Internet being a marvelous tools for this, it was obvious to me that I had to create these pages to come to meet you.  
I wanted to create this site for you and hope that you will appreciate your visit to these few pages.